Head instructor: Mattias Moberg

The Dusack is one of the three main weapons we practice and was historically the most popular weapon among the young. THe actual weapon was made from steel with a complex steel basket to protect the hand. For training a simpler variant made from wood and leather was used, and its simplicity and relative safety likely explains its populaity. Meyer also says that it was the 2nd most popular weapon among his countrymen, next after the longsword.

To make it easier and cheaper for our students we often use a stick made from ash, but you are of course also allowed to use your own, proper training dusack. Fencing mask, gloves, arm protection and a cup are alsp necessary in the long run.

Mattias is our head instructor for the dusack. He started training HEMA in 2005 and has been a student of Meyer for five years and has also been Roger’s assistant instructor for the quarterstaff for several years. Mattias has a background in Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu, having trained theseĀ for many years.

Mattias was also one of the instructors for the kid’s class in the GHFS. Additionally he is also working on teaching material and a Swedish translation of the Hs.3227a treatise, as well as a few other sources which will be released soon.

Mattias is convinced that HEMA is an intellectually challenging and fun form of training that fits everyone. His focus is on health injury preventing training.

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