About Dusack

Meyer_1570_Messer_HThe Dusack is our second main weapon and is the foundation for all one-hand weapons, including the Rappier.

Dusack and stick fencing are also a natural part of all our training and will mainly be practiced in playful, but intense warm up exercises, but eventually also with a targeted specialization for those who wish. The sessions will also include a technical  lesson where one then applies the learned techniques as the term progresses.

Our quarterstaff instructor Roger Norling has also written a booklet in English about Meyer’s dusack which is available free for download at The title of the bookleten is Meyer Dusack- The Dusack in Motion.

Equipment-wise you don’t need more than a rattan stick of about 55-85cm lenght, but special training dusacks in nylon and leather can also be bought. For children there are instead padded sticks to practice with. A fencing mask, gloves and armguards are also required eventually.