For completely new students, you can try two sessions for free. After that you need to pay your fees.

For those who have been with us from before, you are expected to pay your fees as soon as possible after the training has started. Payment is made to our Plusgiro at the Nordea bank: 800542-3.

The members fees this year is 500SEK and the training fee is also 500SEK, but per term, ie in total 1500SEK if you train both terms. Children and youths under 18 only pay the members fee.

The membership fee is paid per calendar year, i.e. after New Years, and is valid for the whole year. On the other hand, if you start after summer, then the membership fee is only valid for one term, and a new fee is to be paid after New Years again.

Don’t forget to write your name in the message, when you pay via internet bank. Otherwise we can’t see who has paid.

Visitors from another city or country are always welcome to train with us for free for a few sessions.