The Meyer Freifechter Guild

After several years of having been a half official “sister club” to the well-respected international fencing society the Meyer Freifechter Guild (MFFG), in May 2019, the Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild became full members of the MFFG.

The GFFG will keep its name and logo, but many of us will also be wearing the MFFG patch and work to test ourselves in the ranking system of the MFFG, working to improve on ourselves as fencers with longsword, dusack, rappier, dagger, quarterstaff, halberd and pike, in one of the most traditional fencing societies available – a society we feel matches well with our own values and ambitions, and which shares our love for the historical European martial arts and its actual history. We hereby join close to a thousand brothers and sisters around the world, spread out over the US, the UK, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Venezuela, Australia and Thailand.

Alongside of this we also continue our study and practice of Portuguese Jogo do Pau as it is taught in Cepães, and Montante, as independent but equal activities. Likewise, we are also keeping the door open for adding other weapons and disciplines in the future, e.g. sword & buckler or sabre, again independently but equal to the MFFG membership and the Iberian martial arts.

We are both happy, excited and quite honoured to be welcomed into the MFFG, and see an exciting future ahead of us.

The board of the Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild