Time to start up the new term, so here is some info:

The Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild starts up its training sessions again, on Sunday Sep 4th at 10-13, at the Katrinelund Gymnasium. This is one of our regular training sessions. Later we will also hold a repetition session on Tuesdays, between 18-21:00, then at the Ånäs School. You can find a complete schedule here: https://gffg.se/sv/om-var-traning/traningslokaler

Adults, youths, and children from the age of 12 and up are welcome to our training. Younger children may also attend together with a parent, but then completely under the responsibility of the parent. We would also be grateful for any help in spreading this to friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others.

Foreign visitors are always welcome to join our training, of course free for a few sessions.

The members fee for this year is 500SEK and training fees are the same, but per term, i.e. in total 1500SEK if you join us for both terms. Children and youths under 18 only pay members fee. For those completely new to our club you can try two sessions for free. After that you need to pay your fee. For those who have been with us before you of course need to pay asap so we can cover our rent.

More news is that we during the term also will be starting up a regular session with a particular variant of Jogo do Pau, Portuguese staff fencing, as part of our practice. Several of us have practiced a bit of Jogo do Pay intermittantly for seval years, but this is a unique and more traditional variant from northern Portugal, which our instructor Nico Gallardo has had the opportunity to start learning.

The training lasts for 2 hours each session, with Jogo do Pau, or free training during a third hour. The main session is on Sundays, with repetition on Tuesdays, then however not with guaranteed lead from an instructor.

Note that parts of what we have planned for the training setup may well change and be adapted to circumstances that arise during the term.

We will also be arranging several mini events/training weekends during the year. The first takes place in about 3 weeks and focuses on medieval grappling. We have top instructors teaching and everyone is welcome, complete beginners as well as experienced grapplers. Read more here: https://gffg.se/en/events/ringen-2016/about-the-ringen-2016-event

On December 3-4th we will also be arranging a training weekend in Bolognese Swordsmanship, with one of the world’s best instructors in this, Finnish Ilkka Hartikainen. Later, during Spring 2017, there will also be one or two more events, so there are a lot of things happening…

On top of this, we are also planning for some social activities that will be a lot of fun!

We very much look forward to seeing you all again, and a new exciting year together!


The board
Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild