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About Longsword

LongswordDDGThe longsword is one of our main weapons and the most popular weapon in HEMA. It is the foundation for all two-hand swords. The training is physically demanding, but good physique and fitness is built as the term progresses.

The sessioons will also include a technical lesson where one then applies the techniques as the term progresses.

Equipment-wise you need a longsword made from steel or a synthetic longsword made from nylon, which can be ordered through the club. A fencing mask, gloves, armguards and a cup are also necesary in the long run. as is a fencing jacked designed for HEMA.

What's up!

15:00 Träning Katrinelunds Idrottshall...
Träning Katrinelunds Idrottshall...
May 27 @ 15:00 – 17:00
Träning Katrinelunds Idrottshall 15-17 @ Katrinelundsgymnasiets Idrottshall | Västra Götalands län | Sverige
Ordinarie träning där vi går igenom mekanik, principer, tekniker samt exempel. De flesta pass inkluderar träning i brottning/dolk, enhandssvärd, tvåhandssvärd samt stav. Main training session where we go through the mechanics, principles, techniques. Most sessions[...]
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